Sunday, 29 May 2016

Beautiful Weeds: Oxalis

One of the joys of late Autumn and early winter in temperate in Australia is the site of Oxalis growing in gardens.. Despite this, just the passing mention of this plant sometimes raises the hackles of greenkeepers and bush-regenerators who judge this large genus by its many weed-like members. While it is true several species invade turf and cultivated garden beds few spread into nutrient starved native areas.

Oxalis pes-capri

At this time of the year I adore seeing the yellow flowering sour-sob or Barbuda sorrel. Although, I must admit, a tad weed-like in fertile ground this plant has attractive leaves and bright yellow flowers which add a seasonal cheer to the winter garden. The plant only grows to about 20cm high and dies down during the warmer months. This plant makes a great addition to a semi-shade spots in the garden where it adds seasonal interest. 

Oxalis elegans

There are many Oxalis species worth including in your garden and they come in many leaf and flower colours. Although hard to find in most run-of-the-mill garden centres attractive Oxalis can sourced from specialist bulb growers such as Sue and Garry Reid's wonderful speciality bulb nursery in northern Victoria. The Reids have a mail order list and can be contacted at  03 - 6027 1514. 

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