Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Garden Poems: Nurseryman's Lament

Will it survive they ask?
Will it thrive they ask?
What about the frost?
What about the snow?
How does this plant grow?

Is it white or is it blue?
Perhaps the pink will do.
Does it like the sun?
Does it like the shade?
Thank goodness at last
A decision is made.

What about the insects and the bugs?
What about the snails and slugs?
Can I, should I prune it?
Can I, should I move it?
Fertiliser, which is best?
Those questions put me to the test.

As if this is not enough
Nature starts to do her stuff.
Hail, rain, snow and ice.
No, it isn't very nice.
Winds and gales, droughts and sun,
What a relief when the day is done.

How many times I ask
Why do I set myself this task?
Well, when you can look with pride
On customers well satisfied,
Then you would know this job's the best
If you can pass the customer test.

Nurseryman's lament was written by Jean Simmons and was originally published in the New Zealand Gardener in 1996
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