Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shades of Green Annihilation

Late winter and spring is the main flowering time for many Australian orchids. While most growers grow their plants conventionally in plastic pots Blue Mountains-based sculptor Tony Lennon displays them as artworks attached to sandstone, wood and bone. Some of his works are now on display at the Sheffer Gallery in Sydney during mid to late August and orchid lovers should make a visit.

Dendrobium kingianum growing on sandstone

Sculptor Tony Lennon has been fascinated with orchids for most of his life so it seems natural that he would incorporate these architecturally shaped plants into his art practice. Complimenting the sculptures is a series of large format photographs of Lennon's orchids by photographer Peter Webb.

photographer Peter Webb and sculptor Tony Lennon

Of the 47 works on show a fifty year old Dendrobium kingianum growing on sandstone near the gallery entrance is stunning as is the Dendrobium nobile growing in a tree fern next to it. Other works of interest are a number of native orchids mounted onto animal bones as well as a series of oil paintings depicting the insect-like shadows created by an orchid flower.

Two stunning orchids on show

This is an exhibition that will inspire both the gardener and the artist within. Don't miss it.

Shades of Green Annihilation
Sheffer Gallery
38 Lander Street, Darlington, Sydney
Exhibition 14-24 August, open Wed-Sat 11 am-6 pm
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